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A Guide for Accessing the Internet Traveling the World

A study done indicates that we now have more than 4.2 billion people from different parts of the world that use the internet which is about 55.1 percent of the world’s populace. Contrary to what you may think from the statistics above, it is not that easy getting access to the internet from every place. It can be hard to access the internet in less developed countries which can be unreliable. Not getting internet access while traveling can be a headache. That can be even worse for the 70 percent of people that work once a week at the least. The good thing is that it is still possible to obtain reliable internet access as you travel, and we will show the numerous ways you can achieve that. You may feel like you are lost or cut off from the larger world, but you should not worry, just go through the tips below.
First and foremost, you will want to rent a pocket WiFi, and it would be a good idea to do this before you get onto the plane. Do not wait till last minute when you are about to travel, to book one because the chances are that you will not get any since they sell out quickly in the peak seasons. The devices are the best solutions to a traveler given that they are cheaper compared to roaming. Perhaps the one thing that makes them quite a good option to travelers is their portability, meaning that they can be carried around as you move and get internet going. In addition to that, you can link several devices to it, so you and your entire team is always connected. The best thing about it all is that the rented devices can be picked from the airport. Some providers can provide delivery services to your hotel rooms or destination, so you can pick them from there. And when you are planning to get back home, you can always drop them off in the booth at the airport.
In some states like the Philippines, they offer travelers free SIM cards, and you can use them for internet access. You can get them in their airports once you are over with immigration and customs. Moreover, your airline may also offer you a coupon for the giveaway, and you will only use it to get the SIM card once you have landed. You will not be needed to pay anything for the 3G/4G/LTE internet while traveling.
Not every destination you travel to will offer free traveler’s SIMs, but that should not be a problem since it is easy buying the roaming SIMs at the airport. The Roaming SIM cards work pretty much the same to the free traveler SIM; however, their data plans are always bigger.

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