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Childproofing Your Home

About 12,000 children in America die annually due to injuries and more than 9 million end up in the hospital emergency room. To ensure that you reduce the risk of injury it is essential that you child proof your house. To ensure that your house is childproof use the following tips.

Tips For The Living Room

Ensure that you mount your TV in the living room, since children spend a lot of time there. Children tend to climb on items and this includes the TV stand, ensure you have it attached to the wall at all times. It is important that you lock the fireplace and where tools are stored to prevent any incidences. To ensure that you have all sharp edges covered use edge guards.

Tips For The Kitchen

The first tip to ensure that your kitchen is childproof is to lock and secure all the cabinets. Consider using childproof zip locks or remove chemical products from the reach of children. Another safety tip is to ensure that you lock the dish washer and have the electrical appliances away from the reach of children. Ensure that you lock or remove the stove knob whenever it is not in use. Another tip is to ensure that knives, forks and glass are always placed away from the reach of children. Never leave your child unattended when they are in the kitchen.

Tips For The Bathroom

Just like the kitchen, bathroom cabinets should always be locked and any cleaning chemical put away from the children’s reach. After showering ensure that you have the bathroom wiped to avoid a situation where one slips and hurts their head. It is also highly advisable that after using the toilet you have the toilet bowl shut. Always keep sharp items such as razors, shavers away from the children’s reach.

Bedroom Safety Tips

Ensure that all the toys are kept in proper storage boxes and there are no choking hazards available in the children’s rooms. When you have the window guards installed you will find that it will save you a lot in the long run. It is important that you let the children know that some playful activities pose a great risk to their health.

Garage Safety Tips

Other useful tips include ensuring that the garage is always attended to and that if it possible the children should stay away from the place. To prevent a situation where a child would wander off it is important to have a fence. Polythene bags are harmful since a child may use it to cover their heads and end up suffocation.

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