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Since the EPA launched new rules and regulations regarding emissions for diesel engines, Diesel Exhaust Fluid became a must. This fluid keeps the emissions system running properly and helps to reduce emissions by converting dangerous nitrous oxide into nitrogen and water. With this fluid in place, diesel engines remain compliant with the laws and work more efficiently. The following offers information on some FAQs individuals have about Diesel Truck DEF.

FAQ About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  • Where can this fluid be purchased? The PEAK website offers all of the information fleet managers and owners need, so they can purchase their DEF and have dispensing stations available for their fleet. These options can be customized to fully meet the unique needs of each fleet.
  • How much DEF does a diesel truck use? This amount varies among trucks because of different ages and level of fuel efficiency. If a truck is rather efficient in burning diesel fuel, the fleet manager or owner will be able to expect to need a gallon of diesel exhaust fluid every two-hundred miles.
  • How much does DEF cost? Buying in bulk is the cheapest way to purchase DEF and is recommended for both small and large fleets of trucks. Purchasing by the gallon is much more expensive and will end up costing owners and fleet managers much more money in the long run.
  • What happens if a diesel truck runs out of diesel exhaust fluid? It is important for drivers, owners, and fleet managers to understand their rig cannot run out of DEF. A series of warnings will be given to the driver. If the driver fails to heed these warnings and does not refill the DEF, the truck will only be able to drive around five miles per hour until the DEF is replenished.
  • Is it dangerous to fill the tank with DEF? There is no danger to the one filling the tank, but some individuals have mistakenly placed diesel fuel in the DEF tank, which can reduce performance and possibly cause problems with the SCR system.

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